The Canadian Government Shouldn’t play Favourites when it comes to Charities who can recieve Tax Exemptions

Is it “fair” to give tax exemptions or other benefits to religious charities? Consider this:

A 2017 analysis by Michael Wood Daly (of the Halo Project) calculated a return on investment for places of worship. It calculated the total amount of “lost” taxes in terms of municipal property tax, provincial and federal sales tax, and the provincial and federal personal income tax credit for receipted donations. The amount was then compared to the socio-economic benefit contributed by those congregations, and the result was a return on investment that is 12 TIMES HIGHER than the “lost” taxes. The fact is, those taxes are not lost but are invested, and Canada’s investment in religious charities through the tax system provides an outstanding return on investment to all taxpayers, reducing the burden taxpayers would otherwise have to pay to obtain equivalent benefits for the public.

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