Direct Accounts from those involved and affected.

Faith Evangelical Missionary Church

We are planning three camps this summer – all of which are open to the community and the third camp is targeted for high school aged immigrants and newcomers as one of its foci is to provide ESL coaching. For each of the camps we offer full or partial subsidies to anyone in need. We plan to carry on with these three camps but at this point in time will not hire a student. It might mean offering fewer subsidies, finding more cost-effective ways to run some aspects of our camp, or asking our congregation to help fund the camps.

Emmanuel Bible Church

Emmanuel is known in the community for providing quality summer day camp opportunities at a very reasonable cost. This is mainly due to the fact that most of the planning is done by the (CSJ funded) student interns while volunteers are recruited to help operate the camps.


TCM’s mission is to serve families and children impacted by poverty. One way we accomplish this is through summer camp that has traditionally hired students partially funded by a CSJ grant. It is a violation of our Charter rights to be denied funding because we can’t agree with the values reflected in the attestation.

Calvary Grace Church

We will peacefully abide by Canadian law and the democratic process … we respect all our fellow Canadians (and non-Canadians, for that matter), even if they exercise their legal and Charter rights in ways we disagree with, or if they hold religious, political, moral, or cultural views that differ from our own … However, if by “respect” [the attestation] is intended to mean that we are being required to endorse, commend, or celebrate practices and beliefs that we believe to be moral wrongs or to be inconsistent with our religious beliefs, we must respectfully dissent. 



We have had summer students now for about a decade. Last year we had 5 students and ran children’s camps through the summer which included hiring one student for special needs students. One of the camps was a Music and Arts camp that finished with a production of The Wizard of Oz. The summer students are involved in preparing for and leading each camp. They do everything apart from the registrations: set up crafts, plan activities, supervise the lunch and quiet moments required for children through the day, as well as sign in and sign out at the end of each day. They are also involved in purchasing products and doing prep for crafts, games, sing-alongs, etc.

Scripture Union

Scripture Union Canada is a national Christian organization that serves children, youth, young adults and families, mainly through the provision of summer sports camps that are attended by people of all religions, all abilities (we make special provision for children with disabilities through our Every Kid Camps program), all races and all ethnicities. Without the CSJ grant our ability to offer these programs has been severely diminished. Unless we can find alternative funding, nearly 100 children with special needs, and about 100 children from low income families who normally can’t afford to send their children to a sports camp, as well as +1000 other children may not be able to attend summer camp. We also may not be able to equip approximately 300 youth volunteers as Leaders in Training (the training is usually facilitated by the university students on CSJ grants).