All Canadians are impacted.

Although you might not be directly affected by the attestation, you should be concerned any time the government infringes on basic human rights and freedoms. The application sets a dangerous precedent: if the government can refuse public benefits to religious communities, such logic will lead to discrimination against religious individuals, and ultimately to any who hold dissenting opinions.
In other words, if the government can withdraw benefits or services simply because it holds a different position than an individual or organization, then the rights and freedom of all Canadians are in jeopardy. It is not unlawful to embrace religious beliefs, nor to uphold the sanctity of life. It is, however, unconstitutional to make government services dependent on “attesting” to a particular ideology. Forcing compliance with the government is contrary to the very principles of a liberal democracy.
Already, MPs and others have raised concerns that the attestation (which is also part of the new Canada Service Corps requirements) may be used to strip religious groups of their charitable tax status.